Do you know what current trends are affecting your destination or attraction?

Are you facing challenges in justifying the economic relevance of your DMO to financial/funding decision makers?

Have you developed a new tourism product but haven’t quantified its economic impact to your business or region?

Do you need data or research to support grant funding?

With international tourism volume and spend increasing for the 8th consecutive year in 2017, I would like to help you capture a larger piece of this burgeoning market by helping you gain a better understanding of your destination, its attractions, and the internal/external trends affecting them.


The following are services provided to help clients make better strategic decisions and achieve their goals:

  • Market Research & Strategy
         Primary  (Survey/Stakeholder Interviews)
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Destination Analysis
  • Tourism Competitive Intelligence, through partnership with TCI Research

Past engagements

Brand perception study • Destination travel & tourism market intelligence • Outbound Source Market Analysis • Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) website performance analysis • Destination media coverage deep-dive analysis • Regional tourism promotion organization assessment